Personalize your LinkedIn Interactions

Here’s a reminder, suggestion, request that all LinkedIn users remember to personalize their interactions. Especially when you send a connection request, edit the content to outline why you’d like to connect, give some background, etc. Start (or re-start) your connection on a more personalized basis.

Along the same vein, a good picture really helps. These days I finding that “my memory is really good, but just a little short!” A picture really helps to put things into context.

Make sure that your social media interactions pass your Embarrassment Test.

The Ottawa Network events also provide a great opportunity to “personalize” your networking with face to face interaction. I help out because I firmly believe that if we want to *have* a high tech community in the Ottawa area it’s incumbent on all of us *be* a community.

I hope to see you out at a TON event soon.

Originally posted to The Ottawa Network LinkedIn group.


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