Intermittent Fasting & Exercise

This is a recent article on Intermittent Fasting by Dr Jason Fung (a Toronto endocrinologist who has become a very reasoned fasting proponent ). Reading this I'm thinking that my success had a lot to do with the biochemistry of my body. And that starting to exercise more helped too. However, it does seem to... Continue Reading →

Health and Fitness Introduction

In the fall of 2013 a happy coincidence of factors came together that allowed me to make a significant change to my health and fitness. I discovered intermittent fasting and decided to try it, intrigued by the 'repair mode' or autolysis that the body initiates when fasting. By my birthday in December I had reached... Continue Reading →

Cedar Woods Farm

I plan to migrate the old content from the somewhat sporadic website for the farm, plus consolidate some other posts and thoughts on sustainable agriculture, and the significance of grazing and pastures for carbon sequestration.

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